It's been an interesting first half! Let's break it down:


After being shut out in their first game, they've been scary good with four straight wins scoring at least two runs per game. They have the most runs scored in the league so far, and are undefeated at home. Pitching and defense have been solid, allowing only four runs in five games. They look primed to make their first championship series since 2019.


They started the season with a three game win streak before losing in week 4 and barely outlasting the Bombers in their last game. Their pitching and defense is starting to slack a bit, and they need to score more runs to keep pace in the Action Network. Still, it looks like they will have their third winning season in a row.


Another solid defensive team with three shutouts, but offense has been mostly lacking. They would be tied for first if they won that 20 inning marathon game against the Upmonsters. If they can go off in the second half, they might return to their 2018 championship form.


They don't have much of their usual dominance so far this year. One of the best teams offensively, but one of the worst with pitching and defense. If they can't stop giving up so many runs, they'll be left behind in the standings like last season.


Wow. From reaching the championship series last season to winless this season. Worst in the league in both runs scored and runs allowed. Unexplainable.

Deadly Dogs

They started the season on fire with four straight wins and three shutouts. Then they faced the Ghosts and got burned. They are one of the best in the league offensively and on pitching/defense. Huge turn around from last season. They should be able to handle the rest of the Battle Network and make their first championship series since 2020.

River Raiders

They're having an inconsistent start, scoring two runs in their three wins while being shutout in their two losses. They are solid with pitching and defense, so if they can improve offensively, they could have another winning season.


The back-to-back league champions are almost equal to the River Raiders: good wins but also being shutout twice. They have a lot of work ahead of them to make their third championship series.


They've had one good game this season, but overall it's been tough. They've given up 11 runs in a span of four games while only scoring a total of four runs in those losses. It looks like they'll have another average season. They had a good comeback in their last game against the Upmonsters, so they still have some fight in them.


Another disappointing season. They lost their first four games while being shutout twice, then somehow shutout the Beamriders. They haven't been to the championship series since 2014, and it doesn't look like it's happening again anytime soon.