Season 9 of the Intellivision Baseball League started on 4/4/22 with the Ghosts beating the Beamriders 2-1. The River Raiders quickly blasted off with a 4-1 record in the first half, scoring nine runs in the first four games. The Smash also exploded in the first half, also going 4-1 and scoring eight runs in four of those games.

On May 5, the Spartans and River Raiders had one of the best games in league history:
The Spartans scored runs in the 4th, 5th and 7th innings.
The River Raiders scored THREE RUNS in the bottom of the 9th to tie it 3-3!
The River Raiders won 4-3 in the 12th inning scoring on a rare ERROR by the Spartans catcher!!!

River Raiders score their third run

Ball gets by the Spartans' catcher
The defending league champion Armada had a solid first half but a better second half, going 4-1 and averaging three runs per game. The River Raiders also kept pace in the Battle Network with a 3-2 second half record. Both teams ended the season tied for first place. The Armada won the Battle Network on a tiebreaker, reaching the championship series for the second straight year.

The Smash had an extremely rare solid second half, going 3-2 and averaging two runs per game. They had one of their best games in team history on May 16, destroying the Beamriders 5-0.

Other teams in the league scored a lot of runs in the second half of the season, with many teams scoring four to five runs per game. On May 25, the Beamriders destroyed the Ghosts 7-0.

Beamriders score their 7th run
The defending Action Network champion Upmonsters were the big surprise of the second half, going 4-1 and scoring 11 runs in those games. They missed their second straight championship series appearance, ending the season a game back of the Smash in the Action Network.

The Smash and Armada faced off in a very close championship series. The Smash took game one 1-0, the Armada battled back in game two to win 2-1. Both teams fought hard for nine innings in the final game three, then the Armada hit four straight singles in the 10th inning and won 1-0 to become back-to-back league champions.