After a brief 2020 tournament, it was back to a full season 8 on 5/3/21 with the Smash beating the Upmonsters 3-0. The Smash started the season with a 4-1 record and 14 runs in four of those games. Their pitching and defense also started the season with a 37 inning scoreless streak. Close behind them were the Mutants, who went 3-2 in the first half with three shutouts. The 2020 league champion Beamriders were off to a shockingly bad start, starting the season 1-4 and being shutout three times.

Smash grand slam
The 2020 Battle Network Champions Deadly Dogs picked up right where they left off in 2020 with a red-hot offense and a near lights out pitching and defense. However, the rest of the Battle Network also had a competitive start, with the Deadly Dogs, Bombers, Armada and Spartans locked in a four-way tie for first place at mid-season.

Deadly Dogs score five runs

Bombers hit a walk-off single in a 6-5 win

Armada score five runs
However, starting at week six it was suddenly a whole new season. The Smash stopped winning (five game losing streak). The Mutants stopped winning (four game losing streak). The Beamriders couldn't lose (five game winning streak). The Armada were almost perfect (4-1). The turnaround was impossible to believe.

By the end of the season, the most unlikely team emerged at the top of the Action Network: The Upmonsters! The team that has not had a winning season since 2015 barely edged out the streaking Beamriders on a tiebreaker and won their first Action Network championship. The Armada dominated the Battle Network in the second half and won their first Battle Network title since 2016.

Upmonsters score five runs

Armada's home run beats Smash
The league championship series was no contest. In the two game series, the Armada outscored the Upmonsters 8-2 and won their first league championship.

Another unbelivable event happened to start the championship series: The Armada had a six run 3rd inning including a grand slam! Most teams can't score that many runs in a game, much less an inning. Unfortunately, the game crashed in the 7th inning and the runs were lost.

So another game had to start, and in that game the Armada had a four run first inning! They just couldn't be stopped and they were not to be denied their first league championship.

Armada grand slam

Armada score 4th run in makeup game

Armada score 3rd run in game 2