Season 9 has been a good fight! Let's break it down.


Not as good a start this season as last season, but they still had another strong first half. Their offense is one of the best in the league, and their pitching and defense has been great, only allowing three runs and two shutouts in five games. However, they are already showing signs of their second half failures with their only loss and two extra inning wins in their last three games. We'll see if this is the year they can stop their yearly second half crash.


They're right behind the Smash again, riding a three game win streak. They have scored a lot of runs, but also have been inconsistent. Pitching and defense have been dominant in their last four games. If they can stay consistent at the plate and stay strong defensively, they should have a good second half.


They've had a decent start in general. Good games offensively but also inconsistent. They gave up a lot of runs in one game but have been solid besides that. If they can get a few more good games, they could make it back to the championship series.


They also have been inconsistent at the plate, but near the top of the league in pitching and defense. If they can score more runs, they might have a shot at their past championship glory.


It looks like last year's Action Network Championship was a fluke. They've only scored five runs and have been shut out twice in five games this season. Pitching and defense are one of the worst in the league.

River Raiders

It's been quite a turnaround from last season! They blasted off offensively with a four game win streak, but fell short in their last game. Pitching and defense are starting to slide a bit. If they can fight off their opponents in the second half, they can get back to the postseason.


The 2021 league champions have been inconsistent so far this season. Most games have been close. They will need to improve at the plate to win another league championship.


A weak start in general, being shut out in three of their first five games. Pitching and defense are showing signs of getting under control. The postseason may be far off in the distance this season.

Deadly Dogs

The meanie weenies have really cooled off this season. They've been shut out three times in the first half while giving up at least one run per game.


Solid offense this season with no shutouts, but they have the worst pitching and defense in the league giving up 12 runs in their last four games. With another mediocre season pending, the postseason for them is light years away.

Anything can happen in the second half! Keep watching, it's gonna get wild! The race for the championship series starts Monday! Games can be followed live with the live scoreboard on the homepage. Game time is around 9am PT.

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